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Paula RedLate AugustAn early apple, Paula Red is sweet and tart. It is the best for eating and sauce.
Ginger GoldLate AugustA midsummer apple with the qualities of a fall apple, Ginger Gold has a rich yellow color with a cream colored flesh and a mildly sweet flavor.
GalaLate August A red striped apple that has a very sweet taste. Gala apples are excellent for eating and hold their shape when cooked. Gala has become one of the favorite eating apples of many people.
ZestarLate AugustThis apple is one of the newer varieties and has become very popular as a dessert apple. Zestar has a sweet-tart balanced with a brown sugar overtone. It matures early, is crisp and juicy, and is a great eating apple as well as good for cooking.
CourtlandEarly SeptemberSweet with a hint of tartness characterizes this apple. It is great for salads and stays white longer than most. 
EmpireMid SeptemberEmpire remains crisp when cut up for salads or for a quick snack. It is sweet and tart and holds up well for months after picking. The color of this apple is a very dark red and white flesh. 
JonagoldMid September Jonagold is juicy with a tangy, sweet flavor that makes it a perfect eating apple. It is excellent also for salads, sauce and baking.
Golden DeliciousMid SeptemberThe Golden Delicious is an all-purpose apple. It can be baked, eaten or cooked, and it has a rich, mellow taste.
Honeycrisp Mid SeptemberDeveloped in 1991, the apple is one of the newest varieties. Honeycrisp has become one of the most popular apples to date. It is a sweet, crisp apple that is superb for eating and salads.
McIntoshMid SeptemberSweet and juicy with a tart tang, McIntosh is a classic eating apple.
JonathanMid SeptemberJonathan is one of the most popular old-time apples in the Midwest. Red, crisp, juicy, sweet-tart. Makes great pies and sauce.
Early FujiLate SeptemberThe Fuji apple holds up very well in storage and is excellent for eating as it is sweet, juicy, and extremely crisp.
Mutsu (Crispin)Early OctoberMutsu is sweet, very juicy, super crisp and good for eating, sauces, baking and salads. This apple has become a favorite for baking, especially in sugar free pie. Due to it's large size, Mutsu is also a favorite for gourmet caramel apples.
SnowsweetEarly OctoberThe Snowsweet apple is a new variety that is sweet with a slight tart balance. It has an outstanding snow white flesh that is slow to oxidize. Excellent for fresh eating, snack trays, salads and sauces.
Ida RedMid OctoberIda Red is crisp with a sweet, tart flavor. It is great for pies and fresh eating.
Granny SmithLate OctoberThe Granny Smith apple has a very sharp, tart flavor and is mainly used for making apple pies. It is distinguished by the bright green appearance.



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